Create Your Most Cherished Memories Here

Monadnock Berries is not just a wonderful venue for your outdoor wedding because of it’s breathtaking view, rustic charm and affordability, it is also a place that many people cherish and connect with on a personal level. Whether they work here, shop here, paint here, or just visit once, this farm tends to enchant people and live in their hearts.

We love welcoming people onto our farm because we believe that people can cultivate a connection to what they eat, that eating fresh picked fruit is best for your health, and that all generations can delight in healthy, fresh food. We also love to share this very special place so that others can experience the exhilaration of nature’s beauty. Families travel from far and wide to visit our farm, and often the opportunity to pick berries comes second to the opportunity to gather loved ones in a beautiful place and create fun memories with friends and relatives, or to experience a profound sense of peace. If you have ever picked among the tall bushes in the still of the evening as the sun lights the mountain pink, you know why this farm is so special to so many.

Family reunions on our farm are frequent during berry season, couples spend romantic afternoons together in the field and at least one happy bride-to-be turned to find her lover on bended knee against the mountain offering her a chance to spend their life together. Your wedding day is one of the most wonderful and memorable days of your life, where you can express how you will live with love for your partner as those who have loved and supported you through the years look on. Whether against the fresh, green mountain of spring, the bustling late-summer harvest, or the crimson bushes of fall, this is a truly unique and beautiful farm. We are honored to offer it to you as a place to create your most precious memories.